Enduring Legacy, Infinite Opportunities

Welcome to Jax Business Club, where fresh traditions are forged with a spirit of innovation
and a friendly community vibe. As Jacksonville's newest hub for ambitious entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers,
our members are the driving force behind the city's evolving business scene. We invite members, their families, and guests
to be part of our growth journey, to network, innovate, and thrive together at Jacksonville's premier
destination for business growth and personal development.

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Jax Business Club: Where Businesses Grow in Collaboration! 

Club Life 

In today's rapidly moving world, it's increasingly crucial to make time for face-to-face interactions, forging genuine connections with real individuals. JBC blends the heritage of private clubs with the dynamic rise of social media and modern technology, forming a contemporary private club suited for the present-days.

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Jax Business Club Pillars

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Success in business depends on strong, meaningful relationships. We're committed to fostering these connections for our members.

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Professional Development

Jax Business Club fosters success through powerful relationships. We focus on strategic networking to expand your valuable business contacts.

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Marketing Strategies

Use JBC's unique marketing strategies to stand out. Business Club provides tools, tactics, and tailored plans for success.

Member Privileges


Local Networking in Jacksonville

The Jax Business Club offers varied events to connect Jacksonville's professionals. This local focus enhances networking, fosters community ties, and provides insights into the Jacksonville market, benefiting your business through easier access to local resources and opportunities.


Jax Business Club offers a range of both online and face-to-face events and initiatives, aiming to foster connections and relationships among its members and visitors. These opportunities are tailored to promote your personal professional growth and to market your business.

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Nurturing Passions

Whether you're into golf, culinary arts, or tech, the Jax Business Club encourages you to lead or join activities that match your interests. Organize a golf day, host a food event, or run a tech workshop - we're open to your ideas. This enriches networking and builds deeper connections with fellow members, clients, and colleagues through shared passions.

Supportive Member Network

In our club, members actively aid and advise each other in business growth, representing effective strategy for business development. More than just exchanging referrals, members are invested in each other's growth, development, and success. This approach is centered around mutual motivation and inspiration, driving members towards sustained achievement in their professional careers.



Business Lunch

Business lunches at Jax Business Club are not just a lunch, but an opportunity for participants to discuss ideas and strategies in an informal setting. It is an ideal platform for sharing experiences and making new business connections.


Jax Business Club's Cashflow game is a fun and educational activity that helps participants better understand the principles of finance and investing. It is a great way to learn how to manage personal and corporate finances playfully.

Round Table

Jax Business Club's private Round Table meetings provide regular members with a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions and collaborative solutions to complex issues. This is an exclusive event for a limited number of participants, where every voice counts.


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"I would like to thank you for organizing yesterday's event, for giving us opportunities to meet and develop, Leonid, thank you for your expertise. Great meeting, thank you"

Elena Kim
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"Hi guys! I am glad that your club helps to meet very interesting and professional specialists!"

Iris Ka
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"Hi everyone! I want to say a big thank you to everyone! Especially you guys, thank you so much for your support, help, acceptance and patience! Thank you for sharing your invaluable experience and helping us! May God bless you and keep you!"

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